Free Bermudian wisdom, with love.

Saturday 19th October 2019. It is almost sunset. I am getting out for my daily walk. I see one of my elderly neighbors patching up his driveway. 70s, maybe older. I have seen him only once before, when I had just moved to the neigbhorhood. The following is a conversation that actually, truly happened. The name of the other character has been changed, because, well, I don’t know his real name :/

Elderly Sir: Good afternoon lady, can I borrow your wisdom?

Fortunate: Good afternoon sir. Sure! (I cross over to his side of the street)

ES: How are you doing? How are you getting along?

F: Pretty great, thank you.

ES: Going for a walk?

F: Yes.

ES: That’s great. You need to take care of you. No one will ever know how to better take care of you, except you. Do not listen to what other people tell you. Listen to yourself! You know, if I had listened to people, I would not have this house (points to his house). My best friend used to drink, do drugs and all that. Now he is down under. Dead. People used to call me Mr Muscle because I was so muscular and they would say, “C’mon Mr Muscle…” but I stayed focused on myself. Do you swim?

F: (Huh???) No actually, but I intend to learn.

ES: You should! You know, I swam all over, in the Olympics, internationally, everywhere. I was well known. I even used to train. Until they went all fancy and thought they didn’t need me anymore (shrugs). Me and my friends used to be well known, although they did a lot of stuff that I didn’t follow. Now most of them are down under, and here I am.

But the most important thing you should know – take care of your feet. If you take care of your feet, they will carry you.

F: That is a lot of wisdom there sir, thank you.

ES: If you ever need anything, just come knock by our door anytime. OK?

F: Okay.

ES: Well enjoy your walk, and have a good evening

F: You too!

The end.

I know, I have so many questions too. But ain’t that just brilliant?!


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